Welcome to Global Portland

Do you consider Portland, Maine and the Greater Portland region to be a Global City? Typically we think of a global city being limited to a number of major cities that play a dominant role in international trade, commerce, infrastructure and the arts. (Some examples are New York, London and Tokyo.)

However, we strongly believe that global forces will continue to profoundly influence cities and regions of all sizes and all locations, and that these global impacts will have profound effects upon the economic well-being of cities, and the quality of life of their citizens.

It is within this context that we ask the question: What does it mean for Portland (Greater Portland) to be a Global City? We believe that that this involves identifying the global assets that make up our community – individuals, businesses, non-profits, and our culinary industry. We believe that a global city is not a function of size or location, but instead is a function of global engagement.

Join us in helping to make Greater Portland a unique Global City. Global Portland is a community based website, designed to showcase all things global.


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